Configuring your OPNsense router for Internode NBN HFC

I have just upgraded (finally) from TPG ADSL2 internet to NBN using HFC infrastructure. My ISP is Internode.

Installation went pretty smooth. Technician visited today, drilled a few holes to install a new HFC outlet in our house, and pulled the (slightly odd) HFC coax cable trough the wall. He also handed me an NBN ‘modem’.

I use OPNsense (a FreeBSD based firewall) as my router and intended on using it for my NBN connection as well. Key things to note:

  • Internode use PPPoE for their NBN HFC connections
  • You need to configure it your PPPOE vlanid 2. This is critical, otherwise the connection will not work

I took the following steps in OPNsense to set it up. Note my interface is bge1 — you need to use the correct network interface which is connected to the LAN port of the NBN HFC modem.

  • Interfaces – Other Types – VLAN = [ interface: bge1, tag: 2, PCP: 0 ]. Creates new interface bge1_vlanX.
  • Interfaces – Point-to-Point – Devices = [ Iface: re0, Iface(s): bge1_vlanX ]. Fill in login/password here. Creates new interface pppoe0
  • Interfaces – Assignments – WAN = pppoe0
  • Interfaces – WAN – IPv4 Configuration Type = PPPoE
  • Reboot. Check in Interfaces – WAN, that login/password been populated from pppoe0.
  • Check Dashboard WAN and Gateway/WAN_PPPOE for populated IP addresses.
  • Check Interfaces – Point-to-Point – Log file if you experience any errors.

Update: Thanks to ICBM on Whirlpool for inspiration and initial instructions.

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