Phuket Power Lines

Nerve ends in power lines as Nocturnal Projections, a post punk outfit from Dunedin, New Zealand, sing. I have always found distribution power lines (that is, low voltage assets that transmit power from HV / zone substations to people’s houses) and their different shapes, sizes, and standards fascinating. Their structure and condition reveal a lot about a country’s policy, engineering expertise, and approach to risk management. For instance, a social democratic/ labour policy tends to favour renewal of overhead distribution poles as it keeps people in jobs to inspect, augment / replace assets, and manage vegetation. Sophistication of electrical safety rules and asset performance strategies shines through in the way pole top structures are managed.

From underground cabling in Scandinavia through Sydney’s grids and radials to Thailand’s controlled chaos. Here, power lines hang 1.5-2 metres from the ground. You could reach and grab them in most cases. Some have isolation, but it would be very easy to accidentally snap it and disrupt a whole neighbourhood. Vegetation management, the practice of trimming trees and bush to keep a safe distance to electrical circuits, is also not that common it appears in the photo above. I will keep posting power lines in this category.